Frequently Asked Questions
about Beginning BJJ (answers below)

1 - Is this book and e-Course only for beginners, or would a more advanced student also get something out of it?

The main focus is beginners, but the material has utility for other people as well

Higher level grapplers can use the material to become aware of the problems the junior members at their club might be facing, and allow them to help those newer people. This is important because the best way to improve your own skills is to make your training partners better.

Coaches and instructors will appreciate it as an aid for planning and structuring their own classes.

If you have been grappling for a while, or if you are a beginner who wants to get a glimpse of the material that awaits you when you get a little bit more advanced, I suggest that you ALSO sign up for the Grappling Tips Newsletter at

2 - I'm haven't joined a BJJ club (yet) - is there any point in my reading this material?

Most emphatically YES, it is worthwhile to read the book and newsletter even if you aren't currently training in BJJ!

If you are in the process of looking for a school then this material will give you reference points which you can use to evaluate different clubs to see which one best meets your training needs. If, on the other hand, you haven't even started looking for a school yet, then it may serve as inspiration. For some readers this book and newsletter have served as the catalyst to stop procrastination, get them off of the couch and finally get started in training.

3 - What advice can you give me about finding a BJJ School in my area?

I can't recommend specific schools - there are far too many of them, plus your learning style might be completely different from my learning style, which means that you have to make up your own mind.

You can find school listings in your area either by looking at your local Yellow Pages, going to the school directory at, or doing a Google search. If there aren't any BJJ schools in your area you might be able to get some decent grappling training at a local Judo dojo, wrestling club, or MMA school. Finally you might be able to start your own training group until something better comes along.

4 - What is an e-book and how can I actually read it on my computer?

An e-book is the fastest way you to get this information; I don't want you to have to wait for the courier or mail carrier to deliver a physical book to you. By doing things digitally you could be reading the book minutes after signing up for the newsletter.

When you download the e-Book file (named BJJ_Roadmap.PDF) to your computer make sure to save it to an appropriate folder or directory. Now you can find it on your computer, read it as often as you want, and/or print it out as hard copy.

To read the book on your computer you can use a number of programs, but the most popular program is Adobe Reader. This program is probably already installed on your computer, but if you have an older computer or an out-of-date version of Adobe Reader you can download it for FREE at

Please note that for the links in the e-book to work properly you need to have Adobe Reader version 7.0 or above.

5 -How do I get this book and sign up for the eLessons?

It's very simple. Enter your first name and your email address in the two boxes below, and I will send you a confirmation email (to make sure that you entered everything correctly). Click on the link in that email and you'll go to a page with links to download the book. You'll also start receiving the Beginning BJJ eLessons, emailed to you for free.

P.S. I will NEVER sell, share or distribute your email address. I have a good name in the BJJ community and I want to keep it that way! Also you can unsubscribe from the eLessons at any point with a simple click of your mouse.