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Note to the reader regarding web links in the eBook
There are many links throughout this book to relevant tips, articles and tutorials, and you should check them out. If you are using version 7.0 or higher of Adobe Reader then these links should be clickable from your PDF browser.

If your links in the e-Book don't work properly then my strong recomendation is to go to and download a free copy of the latest Adobe Reader. It's a great program and then you can simply read through the book and click on any links that interest you.

If the links still don't work then you may need to change your Adobe Reader settings and add and to your 'allowed sites' list in the trust manager. Alternatively you could also cross-reference those links in the book with the links on the page below.


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A Glossary of Guards
Part 1 (Closed Guard)
Part 2 (Open Guard)
Part 3 (Half Guard)

Backwards Shrimping, a video tutorial for the most important movement in grappling

A Tour of Half Guard Leg Positions, and a drill to develop them

To Kneel or Stand in Guard

16 Closed Guard Tips

A Half Guard Secret

Caging the Hips

Some Half Guard Resources

Guard Work for Short Legged People

Passing the Guard of Long Legged Grapplers

Butterfly Guard Crash Course

A Technique to Take the Back during a Guard Pass


On Crossing Your Feet in Rear Mount

How to Make Side Mount Heavier

Posture Under Side Mount

How To Get To Posture While Pinned

One Way to Attack the Turtle Position

Shaolin's Drills For Different BJJ Positions

Beating The BIG Guy, A Positional Strategy


Armbar Fundamentals, 3 Critical Details

The Four Most Common Leglock Mistakes (video)

Rear Naked Choke Tutorial (video)

A Drill to Develop the Far Side Spinning Armbar (video)

Which Submissions Are The Most Dangerous?

How to Train Dangerous Submissions Safely

Breaking Down The Straight Ankle Lock

How to Safely Practice Dangerous Leglocks

Defending against the Guillotine Choke with Body Position (video)


Why Should Women Grapple?

A Girl's Guide To Grappling


What You Need To Know Before Starting BJJ Classes

Jiu-jitsu and Physical Attributes

Keeping The Will To Fight in Difficult Situations

Grappling With Claustrophobia In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

A Guide to Grappling Gear

Grappling Breakthroughs, the Readership's Perspective

Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-jutsu, when cultures and concepts collide

Golf and BJJ, Why Details Matter

After the Takedown, Now What?

10 BJJ Moves Every Cop Should Know

Tips For Training When Partners Are Hard To Find

The MMA Formula, 3 Essential Skill Sets for the MMA Fighter

How to Recognize and Prevent Overtraining in MMA and BJJ

Instructional Grappling DVDs by Stephan Kesting

Grappling Drills
83 sports specific partner and solo drills to develop critical aspects of the groundfighting game.

Dynamic Guard Sweeps
'Guard Game in a Box': a complete system for learning the Butterfly Guard and X Guard positions

The Dynamic Half Guard
More than 100 Half Guard techniques, principles, drills and variations to take you from beginner to expert

High Percentage Leglocks
The techniques, strategies and training methods that you need to know to apply effective leglocks

My Mixed Martial Arts
Discover the techniques and training methods of Denis Kang, one of the top middleweight MMA fighters in the World

Dynamic Kneebars
Taking you from white belt to black belt in all aspects of the powerful kneebar submission

Omo Plata And The Dynamic Guard
The Omo Plata is a submission, but also a sweep and a great setup for other techniques

Introducing Yoga For Martial Arts
Stephan Kesting works with a Yoga instructor to tailor a Yoga workout specifically for grapplers

Grapplearts DVD Package Deals
Pre-bundled DVD packages, and creating your own package deals. DVDs